Supplier Technical Assistance Engineer

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Is responsible to assure the Quality Performance for his / her respective suppliers from the Project stage till End of Production, going through all SQP activities and maintenance of the Quality System in Serial Production.


Core Responsibilities and Activities:



  • Responsible to manage SQP/PPAP on-time 
  • Involved in new component sourcing and development process
  • Involved in the TFC and CTS process with Purchasing, Engineering and Suppliers.
  • Involved in CLD definition together with Project Buyer and Engineering.
  • Involved in contract review process with Project Purchasing assuring
  • Owner of SQP (APQP) on serial changes and replacement tools ensuring one PPAP is valid for all Autoliv plants.
  • Define the SQP tasks with the suppliers.
  • Follow up completion of SQP tasks in terms of timing and quality for defined deliverables.
  • Responsible for supplier PTR’s and participate on Run at Rate per CLD.
  • Perform audits and PFMEA go and see as applicable for new projects and continues during Serial Production
  • Assures that AS 069 Special process audits are performed and maintained in Autoliv’s system.
  • Participate in the Supplier Pre-Qualification Process
  • Define DAR content and manage the IIP (AS412) at the supplier as applicable.
  • Owner of the PPAP approval. (Ref. AS007, AS404 and AS100)
  • Escalate SQP delays / deviations according to AS 404
  • Actively connected with APDS project teams with Project Purchasing and AS007 project teams with Serial Purchasing.
  • Involved in Pre-APDS projects through Purchasing.
  • Responsible for AS51 performance. (when a supplier is shared with 2 or more STA’s, then owns AS51 performance of his / her part numbers)
  • Responsible for managing NCM’s from D4 till closure assuring no reoccurrence, from Project stage to EOP
  • Follows ALV Red Supplier Management Escalation process.
  • Assures Supplier Master P-FMEA and S-MPS’s for his/her area are implemented.
  • Assures that Supplier Lessons Learned process are documented by suppliers.
  • Assures that Global Yokoten activities are implemented at suppliers within the respective Commodity.
  • Is actively involved in supplier related Cat. A issues
  • Is involved in NCM Escalation Model according to ASM and assures its use by all plants
  • Prevent reoccurrence of NCM’s by assuring quality of 8D’s on time



Level (diploma) required:  Electronics engineer



  • 5-10 years previous experience in supply chain, quality and/or manufacturing of stated commodity / Product Area
  • 3-5 years experience related with electrical or mechatronics product manufacturing.
  • Expérience impérative dans les composants électroniques chez un équipementier niv1. ou équipementier niv 2 dans l’automobile (wafer = silicium, bonding/clipping on leadframe = connexions & package)
  • Must have strong computer skills, including word processing, spreadsheet and database management software applications. 
  • Working knowledge of and the application of advanced Quality tools such as Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA), GD&T, SPC, Root Cause Analysis, PPAP, and Measurement System Analysis.
  • Good knowledge of manufacturing quality
  • Must have strong problem-solving skills and quality systems knowledge. Requires knowledge of TS / IATF 16949, Autoliv.
  • Must have the ability to effectively interact with managers, directors, plant managers, Supplier’s CEO’s, MD’s and other team members.
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills.
  • Effective reading and writing German and English skills and interpersonal skills.    


Technical skills required:



Skills in relationship and management / leadership required:






START DATE:  as soon as possible



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