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Do you want to become an Entry Engineer at Autoliv? If your answer is yes, we offer you the opportunity to challenge your imagination and creativity.
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Join our team if you meet the following criteria. You:

Have good technical drawing skills;

Are available to relocate in another city;

Are flexible and you could work in 3 shifts;

Are eager to continuously improve your knowledge;

Are communicative and self-confident;

Are a logical and analytical thinker;

Have good English skills.

Our Entry Engineer program offers you the possibility to step in one of our major roles: Team Leader or Quality Assurance.

As a Team Leader, you will be responsible for:

· A team of about 40 people/shift;

· The production flow and line efficiency;

· Offering support in mediating conflicts;

· Assuring that all required procedures and standards are implemented and respected;

· Delivery of the products in a given time frame;

· Training and developing the team members on key positions, such as Line Leader or Line Feeder;

As Quality Assurance, you will be responsible for:

· Conformity verifications of products, taking into account our clients’ demands;

· Blocking all non-conformities in the production tracking system;

· The analysis of all inconformity found in the production and initiation process;

· Following the reaction plan in case of inconformity;

· Participating to interdisciplinary analysis of monitoring the processes’ performances;

· Informing Quality Engineers of all sorts of non-conformity;

· Participating in the products/processes validation teams and making measurements;

· Efficient tracking and reporting of corrective measures established after complaints, audits and production problems;

As an Entry Engineer you will have the chance to develop within an ambitious team that will guide you in becoming our engineering expert.

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Toate eforturile noastre sunt pentru salvarea cât mai multor vieți și prevenirea rănirilor grave cauzate de accidente. Ne concentrăm în permanență pe calitate produselor, sporirea încrederii și protecției clienților noștri, stabilitate și dezvoltare pentru investitorii și colegii noștri cât și pentru a fi sustenabili și a câștiga încrederea comunitaților în care suntem. 



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